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Thursday, 21 March 2013

More of quilt done

We have had some rather ferocious electrical storms here last night but thankfully there was no damage done.

I have been working on the quilt that I am putting together using the Christening  Gown designs form the Martha Pullen Internet Embroidery club designs for 2013. There are not a large number of designs in this set that I can use but I am happily playing away and think that I can make this quilt look striking.Unfortunately the lace and ribbon does not photograph that well because of the shiny appearance of the ribbon.
I am doing this quilt using the same quilt as you method as I did for my candlewick quilt however, the black cluney lace is a little more narrow but it is coming up OK. I  am currently stitching out the next border row all the way around the quilt

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