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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Latest Project- Project 9 -The Fan Pillow

I started stitching this project before we went to  Canberra and then I put it tin a safe place, well you know the rest. Managed to find it yesterday and have finished it off today. This is one of the projects where I am using the Martha Pullen Internet Embroidery Club designs for 2013. The design I used for this project is from the Recolor Vintage set. I also used some cotton emboroidered lace with ribbon theaded through it.
When I saw these designs I knew straight away that they were suited to this type of project. Many years ago OESD had a similar type of cushion with cats on it so I had that vaguely in my memory as they no longer seem to have that project on their site.
This cushion has curved sections and I have put a zipper in the back . I like the white on white palette but it would equally lovely done in coloured embroidery threads. I hope to have the tutorial sent out tomorrow to those who have signed up for my 2103 IEC Projects group.
Fan Pillow usnf Martha Pullen IEC design

Base of fan pillow

Zipper in Back of fan pillow
I have also had some ladies send in pics of their cat quilts in progress. I think we all love to see how other peole interpet colurs etc and it just gives us all a boost to keep going.
Nancy's Blocks 1 and 2

Bev's Blocks 1 and 2

Linda's Block 1-3

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