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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A New Project and Some Pics to Share

I am currently working on a new project using the Little Pierrot designs from the Quiltery. The project is quilt as you go and I am using some quilting designs that you will be able to purchase at a great price from Anita at Chrystal Embroidery. The background quilting design (behind the embroideries) will be available in a few sizes to suit your embroidery machine and the Pierrots will also fit in the 5x7 quilting design she will have available. I have then just quilted some rows of straight stitching with my normal sewing machine.
Here is a sneak peek.
Pierrot Quilt in Progress

The plan is that all you need to quilt this are the quilted embroidery designs to put behind the embroideries and then just use your normal or walking foot to finish with straight lines of stitching around each design and then complete the the quilt as you go. There is no hand stitching on this quilt apart from the binding and you can do that completely by machine if you wish.I will be writing up the instructions for the quilt and will be sending them out to those who receive the instructions for my projects using the Quiltery Embroidery Club designs.
I have shared pics with you before that my friend Carolyn from Inverary Ontario in Canada has sent me before. She has a new grand son who was born the same day as Prince George and these are some pics she has taken. I can see a new career in the offing.

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