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Friday, 26 July 2013

Quilt Top Finished-Now to Quilt

Yesterday I did a day of relief teaching as they were very short of relief teachers at my former school. When I retired I  told them that I would be available go in if they had a shortage of relief teachers. It was a very pleasant day and it was good to get back to dealing with students in the classroom and do a bit of teaching. I did plan on finishing my quilt top but that had to wait until today and took a bit longer than expected with that pieced border. In fact there are around 2100 pieces in this quilt. Now I have to sandwich it together and work out how to quilt it,perhaps just a meander all over.
Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt Top Finished


  1. The quilt top looks lovely finished. Well done colours look great.

  2. Absolutely beautiful quilt top! I love your color selection.