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Friday, 5 July 2013

Hoopsister's 2013 Mystery Quilt Finished

For the month of June I have been working on the 2013 Hoopsister's mystery quilt for 2013. I did the whole cloth version of the quilt.The last part came out yesterday and so I have stitched out the final sections, put it together and bound it. I stitched out the 8x8 inch blocks so the quilt is 64 inches square. We were not permitted to post any pics of the quilt in progress until the last section was published.

I would have like to have taken a pic outside but it is way too windy here today.
Hoopsister's 2013 Mystery Whole Cloth Quilt Finished

 I have used a variegated peacock coloured thread on black. However, I did not put it together fully using the Hoopsister's method. I have put a backing on it and quilted in the ditch rather than using pieces of fabric on the back.
A couple of strange things have happened with this quilt. I only had enough fabric for the blocks I stitched and that was all, not even enough for a spare block so I was holding my breath the whole way. When I put the binding on it fitted perfectly as when I went to join it I did not have to trim or cut any fabric at all, just join the edges as they were. I have never had that happen ever before in my sewing escapades.

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  1. Love your quilt!! I haven't started mine yet. Who is the manufacturer of your thread and the number? I like the idea of stitching in the ditch to attach the backing. I may try that on my next project.