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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Project Round Up

This morning I am showing some pics of projects sent in by people who have made or have in progress projects that I have designed.

First up is Jade and Roy with Jade's Zig Zag table runner. Jade is one of the ladies who is coming with two of her friends to learn how to sew, do patchwork etc. These girls are doing a fantastic job.
Jade's Zig Zag Table Runner
Pat has also made the Zig Zag table runner
Pat's Zig Zag Table Runner
Elaine has made her version of the 10 minute table runner with the 10 minute blocks. she put a normal border around it rather than doing the 10 minute runner version as she was short of fabric.

Sheryl has also made a 10 minute runner with the 10 minute blocks.

Lorraine has been working on the Floral sketches BOM. My project for today is to get the next block out in that BOM.
Lorraine's Floral Sketches BOM

Janette has made a small quilt and wall hanging using blocks from the Aristocat BOM.
Janette's Aristocat  Wall Quilt

Janette's Aristocat Quilt


  1. Hi Vickie! I'm looking for the 10 minute table runner pattern with straight edges, not pointed....well, the edge starts out pointed but then it is cut straight. I found it, but lost it (in my house) doh! Have you seen this?