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Monday, 1 July 2013

Hints and Tips 13- Using Embird to Replace Ugly Colours in Some Embroidery files

Have you ever opened up an embroidery files such as a .dst format files and get ugly colours. Some of these can be easily changed using Embird.

As an example I am using one of the freebie designs for this month for Embroidery Library. If I opened up the file originally in  Embird I would have this colour scheme.
Make sure that you open Embird in Manager
Click on the Options tab and make sure that Support Palette files is ticked.
Download the file and unzip into a folder on your computer.
You also need to download the colour change sheet from the website selling the design if they have one. Click on where it says Colour change sheet on the Embroidery Library website but Urban Threads also has the same option.

Download the txt file when that option comes up. You must save it into the same folder that you have your unzipped design. You can have more than one unzipped file in this folder.
If they are not labelled the same way you need to give them both the same name which is not a problem as they are two different types of files. As long as the text file remains in that file whenever you open up that design Embird will associate those colours with it. If it does not you need to save the design with the new colour palette.
Now when you open up the design in Embird the colours have changed to what they should be. If they do not you need to go to the Manager screenOptions-Load- choose the text file wherever it is located.
As I said before Urban Threads also have the text file option for their thread list. I am on their freebie page if you wish to try the colour changing with their designs as well.


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  1. oh boy am I glad to see these e mails... I just bought Embird truesizer pro and have not started to figure it out yet. So I will be printing these files to very good use !!
    Now I am anxious to get started on the program.
    Thank you