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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hints and Tips 15: Did you know there is a right and wrong side of quilt batting?

Most of the time I just get my batting out of the packet and sandwich my quilt together. I know that on a couple of occasion if I have used a black backing on my quilt that some whispy bits of  batting have sometimes poked through to the backing when quilted.
Next time you use have a look at it. Most of the time one side has a rough ,speckled appearance side (sometimes with leaf remnants etc. if it is a cotton batting) and the other side is smoother in comparison.
If your batting does have a smoother side and a rough side the rough side should go to the wrong side of the quilt top with the smooth side against the wrong side of the backing. If you are not sure, one method to find the difference is to poke a pin into the batting several times. Whichever side the pin pokes through the easiest is the wrong side and consequently that is the side that goes under the wrong side of the quilt top.
Betty has sent me in a pic of her Aristocat quilt top. I just love seeing all the different colours that people choose. It gives us all a bit more inspiration and that is why I love having them sent in to be published here.
Betty's Aristocat Quilt

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  1. Wow just found your blog and facebook page this AM. Thank you for the card trick pattern.You are an amazing lady. All the fun things I can learn from you. I will be following you for a long time. I love that you share all your info and also that you make quilts for those in need. God bless you. and thank you for being you.