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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Some pics to share of our wildlife

This evening I have some pics to share with you. Yesterday morning three pigeons spent a considerable time on the nature strip at the front of our house foraging for some tasty morsels. The pics were taken through the windows in our house. I always try to have a camera ready to capture fleeting moments as I see them. 
These pics were taken with our new compact Lumix DMC_TZ40 with 20x optical zoom camera that we bought to try and take some closeups of the penguins. I have not learnt how to use it properly but think the results are pretty good for my first just turn on and point and shoot effort.

This morning the naughty grey rabbit was back in the garden. He was about 10 metres or 30 feet away in the garden.

Of course the two resident felines were up close and personal to inspect the box of my new Brother ScanNCut. I have been good and not taken it out of its box and had a play as  I need to get some of the other projects I am doing under control. 
Brother ScanNCut

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