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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Some Photos to share of the Little Penguin

I have some photos to share with you this morning that we took at the Lillico Little Penguin platform last night. We had over 100 people waiting expectantly to see the Little Penguins emerge from the sea and their burrows. I also took some photos of some views from the platform before dark.
Mr C Gull
 Mr C Gull is foraging for tidbits as the tide is coming in.
 The beach is covered with these round shiny large pebbles/ rocks and the Little Penguins have to clamber over them to come up on land to their burrows.

 The Spirit of Tasmania makes a nightly/daily crossing across Bass Strait. One ferry leaves from Devonport and at the same time another sister ferry leaves form  Melbourne. The next morning the ferries arrive, the one from Melbourne in Devonport and the one from Devonport in Melbourne. During the summer months the ferries make two crossings a day.Once they arrive in the morning at their respective ports  they are prepared and then sail again .

The following are pics of a baby penguin. You can see him in his burrow at dusk and then at sunset he comes out anxiously for his parents to come back from a day of fishing at sea to feed him. As you can see form the pics he has just about grown all of his adult feathers . He still has a a little collar of baby fluff. when bay penguins start to grow their adult feathers they do so from the tail up. The last few photos were taken when the light was failing and the penguins was moving around.

 Sunset to the west of the viewing platform

A photo I took of some car lights as the car was moving along the highway as we were leaving the paltform

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  1. You are so lucky to have been able to go and see this. Thank you so much for sharing.