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Monday, 13 January 2014

Graceful Block 6, blog follower's blocks and a correction

Today I have been working on some more of the blocks for the Sassy BOM and also the  Graceful BOM. I have completed Block 6 of the  Graceful BOM and hope to get the instructions written up ready to send out tomorrow my time if not before.
Graceful Block 6

Kaye has sent in a pic of her Sassy Quilt so far and she has Blocks 1-9 together. I love Kaye's hot pink.
Kaye's Sassy Quilt Blocks 1-9

Robyn has done Blocks 1-4 of her Sassy Quilt. Robyn had modified Block 4 slightly due to a cutting malfunction and we have all had one of those! Isn't it great to see the embroidered stitched out on the blue.
Robyn's Sassy Blocks 1-4

Adriana has sent me a pic of her Whirling Squares Lap quilt. She chose to use a different embroidery set to the one I used and it is great to see how the quilt looks with other embroidery design.
Adriana's Whirling Squares Quilt

Adriana with her eagle eye also picked up an error in my fabric requirements for this quilt. I need a proof reader! Thank you Adriana for looking out for me.
Whirling Squares Quilt

You can download the corrected version  of the instructions from HERE. I have also written some instructions for a smaller finished 12 inch sized block and you can download those instructions from HERE.

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