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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Some pics of projects to share and a great link

I have come to halt with stitching out my Gypsy quilt as per my post from yesterday as it seems it is going to take another 2 weeks for the instructions to be ready ( this CD was released on November 4, nearly 3 months ago). Also not all of the fixes for the incorrect blocks have been done and sent to me as yet. One of my blog friends emailed me to say to put it away and only do one block a week. Very good advice and I will find it hard to follow but think I need to.

One of my blog readers  Kathleen alerted me to a great site. It is called Pixel Of Ink and you can subscribe to receive daily notifications of free and bargain Kindle book downloads. My husband and I have both subscribed and have picked up a few free Kindle downloads already.  Remember you do not need a Kindle to read these. You can download the "Kindle for PC" for free from the Amazon web site to use on your smartphone, tablet or pc .  

Barbel from near Dresden in Germany used the pattern to make this lovely little table topper. You can find the instructions from a link on this page

Beth emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if she could use my Fold Up Shopping bag pattern and instructions to teach at a class she was taking. These are the lovely bags produced by some of her students. Aren't they just beautiful!

You can find the original pattern from a link on this page.

I took a pic of this beautiful lily that has just come into full bloom in my garden this week.


  1. Vicki, I love your postings and your flowers always bring joy to me as I sit here in -14C temperature. Keep them coming and I do hope to make your shopping bag. I have many, but another more personal one would be great!

  2. Vicki, Great pictures. And thanks for reminding me about your Shopping Bag pattern. There is another site for Kindle books called Book Bub (www.bookbub.com). You can check the types of books you like and it sends you a daily email with free and discounted Kindle books.