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Friday, 31 January 2014

Blogging Milestone I Let Pass and Two of my Favourite (Sewing) Tools from the Hardware

With all my frustrations at the beginning of the week trying to stitch out those designs I let a significant milestone for my blog slip by. I have been watching the counter at the bottom of the page waiting for it to reach 500 000 and during the week it must have hit and gone past that magical figure.  Thank you to everyone who has supported this humble little blog of mine. I should host a give away but I think I give presents way most weeks in the form of patterns etc to anyone who requests one.

I thought I would share with you two of my favourite tools that I have in my sewing room that can be purchased from the hardware and possibly discount stores in some cases.
The first is my picker upperer as I call it. Amazon has one just like it here.

 My folding pick up tool is never far away and it does not take long to zip around the floor picking up bits of fabric strips etc that have been trimmed off and missed the rubbish. It is also good to retrieve those things that always seem to fall of the sewing table to the furthest part behind the table in the most awkward of places to reach. There are lots of versions of these around at many different prices and they may be foldable or not.

The second of my go tools is this approximately 9 inch long extendable, telescopic gadget with a light and magnet on the end. It also extends out to about 33 inches or so.

Again there are plenty of these around at different prices and with different versions of lights etc. This is just one I found here.

I use it to pick up the pins when I drop the whole container on the floor, or if I lose a small screw out of the sewing machine or off one of the feet I waive it across the floor in the general direction I think the object has fallen.  I know you would all get the "oh no" feeling when you drop the pins or lose the screws as I do. The light is also a great aid when searching under your sewing table for the small scissors etc or in a dark spot you can't quite get into completely to search.


  1. Congratulations on your *milestone* accomplishment! I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Congratulations, You are an inspiration. So kind.love your blog? Thanks for sharing these great gadgets.

  3. Good article! Highly disappointed to see the pin-magnet thing, though.

    I just came up with this idea the other day,and was checking to see if anyone else had already come up with it.

    Happens to me every time, except when I think of something and dismiss it with "nobody would buy that!"--then *later*, out comes the Snuggie and makes millions. :-/