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Friday, 8 November 2013

Whirling Squares Lap Quilt

Yesterday was a dull and miserable day so I stitched out the blocks for my new lap quilt and pieced the blocks. I am currently quilting it.
Once again I have used my favourite black and white colour palette. I love these colours and it is easy to do this colourway as my stash of black and white is quite large so I always have something to choose from.

The designs are Floral Sketches 3 from Hatched in Africa. As there were only 3 of the large floral design I had to come up with a plan to use the bird on the twig design twice and leave out one of the others.
The inspiration for this quilt is from a Sewing With Nancy episode that I watched featuring Debbie Bowles of Maple Island Quilts. Instead of the accent squares I added the pinwheels to provide more motion in the rotation of the squares. You can find Nancy's blog post here. You can see from the Sewing With Nancy episode that there are many possibilities.
The finished lap quilt will be about 44 inches square. It is a great little quilt to make a quick and easy embroidered square lap quilt or larger quilt depending on how you lay out the bocks. I will have a tutorial up tomorrow on how I made my version of the quilt and adapted it for machine embroidery.
Today is the final day of the beginning Heirloom Sewing workshop I am teaching so I am off to gather my resources to take with me. I hope to have some pics to share with you later on today.