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Saturday, 16 November 2013

New BOM and Heirloom Stockings

Seems like we have a goer for the heirloom stockings so will get onto that in the next couple of days.
I have uploaded two documents for those wishing to do the stocking to download so that you can get your head around what you might need if you are an heirloom novice.

The first is about lace to use for heirloom sewing and that can be found HERE.

The second is about successful tips for heirloom sewing and that  can be found HERE.
We will use the stocking pattern from my strip pieced stocking so you will need to download that from HERE.
I am also starting a new BOM for the Sassy cats designs from BFC. This will be a little different form my other BOM's as the individual blocks will be smaller and there will be more of them. We will be using the  freebie on the page so make sure you download that.
I have combined the freebie 3 times for this design below to fit the 5x7 hoop.
If you wish join  my new BOM please email me. If you are a member of the BFC Yahoo group there is a discount page you can buy them. A they are an unusual shape I am going to be using all three design sizes so if you can afford it would be best to buy the all size or Complete option. The largest size option has design that fit the 5x7 hoop

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