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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sassy Cats Block 2

Spring seems to have disappeared and I am back into my winter woollies. I only went through my wardrobe in Monday putting the winter clothes away and bringing out the summer pants etc. Had to dig the Ugg boots back out again as well.
I have been working on another Sassy Cat block today. Block 2 is done but I am still writing out the instructions. I hope to have them ready to send out to everyone who has signed up tomorrow.
This quilt is a real jigsaw and it is taking a bit of wrangling to get all the bits to fit together. However, as people know from having done my BOM's before Block 2 does not necessarily join to  Block 1 and so on. This block uses the free design that accompanies this set of designs.
Remember if you want to join this BOM you need to email me HERE

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