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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Beautiful sunset last night

Last night (Saturday night) at the penguin viewing platform at Lillico beach I took some  lovely photos of the setting sun shining over Don Heads. Although not your glorious crimson colours the different tones and hues were almost haunting at times.
(Just a note to remind people that I am in Australia and although the blog post comes up as being still Saturday it is actually Sunday afternoon here)

I have finished my new Whirling Squares lap quilt and just about to start writing up the tutorial which I may get done today, if not tomorrow.
Whirling Squares Quilt

The size of the quilt makes it a perfect table topper as well for a god sized square table. The movement of the squares is just perfect I think for table topper put on point on the table.

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  1. What beautiful views. I love your Whirling Squares.