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Monday, 19 August 2013

What a diffrerence a day makes

Last night we had another very very windy storm with lots of rain. At one stage last night I thought an aeroplane was landing on the roof  We have had wind gusts around 75km/hr  or 50m/hr most of the night) with one wind gust close to 100km/hr and that was probably when I thought the plane was landing on the roof.

However, the early spring bulbs look so much happier today as we have had sun.
The white rhododendron in the background is looking a little worse for wear though. We have had 160mm or 6.5 inches of rain to date in August nearly double our normal average.

Jade, one of my star sewing girls has just finished her first pieced quilt that we designed. It is in a delightful yellow, grey and white colour way. Very spring like. We designed a pinwheel arrangement and inserted the pinwheels into the border as well. Not only that but Jade also made a partially pieced back. Hasn't she done a great job!
Jade's Pinwheel Quilt

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