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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Great Machine Embroidery Thread

With all the black and white Pierrots I stitched out and doing all the white quilting on my feathered star quilts I was nearly tearing my hair out with thread breaks. All of my embroidery machine appear to not like damp humid weather and the black and white especially shred and break frequently. I decided to try the Gem Embroidery thread (polyester)and can I say I am sold on this. I have nearly used up one of the  reels I have bought of the white and not one thread breakage and that is using all of my machines including the Brother 10 needle.

If you live in Australia it is well worth trying out this thread. You can buy it from Happy Embroidery. It is a very reasonable price and arrives the next day in a post satchel. You need to email the owner Sava at Happy Embroidery or call the 1300 number on the site.

I am not way associated with this company, I am just a very happy(pun) customer.


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  2. Hello! I love your patterns, I did a test run of this Rarity (to put on a fleece hat) but I ran into some trouble. It seemed as if the pattern shifted (the body outline) and the mane/tail had issues. I think it was something that was wrong with my fabric/stabilizer. Do you have any tips for embroidering on fleece?

  3. Wow! I love the unfinished chalk marks and stains! Is there a name or address to research the embroiderer? I would try to look into it and if nothing, I would make up a history. The piece could become an artwork between stitchers through time, though I would leave the original stitches as is and add new completely different images too. Enjoy whatever you decide:)