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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Round Up

First up Smart Needle have a new cute free design
Ageless Embroidery have also completed their free Grape Vine font and you need to download those by the end of the month. The letter G has also had a updated version so make sure you download that as well.
Fons and Porter are giving away another fabulous E Book on Basket quilts so make sure you hop on over and pick that one up. In fact one of the design layouts would make a great quilt to put with embroidered blocks.
Hatched in Africa are having their annual 30% off sale with 2 hourly super specials over the weekend. If you haven't bought the Aristocat bundle yet to do the Aristocat BOM that bundle would now be $37.80. The Floral Sketches 1 and 2 Combo set would be $28.
I rather like the two new Floral dreams sets, especially set 1. There are 9 designs there that are just perfect for a lovely new quilt. Will have to get my thinking cap on.

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