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Monday, 12 August 2013

A Day of Lesson Writing

Today has been spent catching up on writing lessons and sending them out. That is probably a good thing as on the whole it has been wet and dreary again.
The tutorial for the Pierrot quilt has been sent out to those who have requested it and Anita from Chrystal Embroidery tells me that she has had quite a few of you buying the  200mm x 200 mm or 8x8 inch background quilting designs. She will be having 5x7 designs up later on in the week hopefully, just waiting on her webmaster. I will be designing other quilts incorporating these background designs, the first being a Zoo Friends one using the designs from the Quiltery
I have also sent out Block 29 of the Kenny Kreations Crazy quilt BOM
Crazy Quilt Block 29

Crazy Quilt Block 29 Detail

Crazy Quilt Block 29 Detail 2

Crazy Quilt Block 29 Detail 3
 Block 8 of the Floral Sketches BOM has also gone out to those receiving the lessons. Both of these blocks are the same finished size at 16 1/2 inches so they are interchangeable


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