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Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Week of Wet Weather and Sewing

Seems like it has been raining all week so I bunkered down and sewed and sewed. Had a few emails from concerned people because I had not updated my blog.
Our remaining little cat Millie has also been sick and we are waiting on test results to see if she has cancer. It will be another devastating blow if she has.
My Dad has also been on my mind as it is a year tomorrow since he passed away.
I have quilted my Lazy Sunday quilt. That took me nearly three days to completely finish and bind that.
Lazy Sunday Quilt Finished
I have also put both Floral Sketches quilts together so will concentrate on getting the remaining block lessons for those written up. Of course  I still have to quilt both of these.
Floral Sketches quilt with 5x7 designs

Floral Sketches quilt with 6x10 designs


  1. Both Floral Sketches Quilts look great.

  2. I love the Floral Sketches Quilts, the colours are gorgeous.