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Friday, 16 August 2013

New Sewing With Nancy Video Series

For those wanting to do the Pierrot quilt with the 5x7 background quilting designs, Anita from Chrystal Embroidery now has that size up for sale on her website. You can access them here 

 The latest series of Sewing with Nancy video series has started. Episode 1 is titled Sew Big Quilt Blocks.You can view the first one here. You can also view previous ones on this page. When you watch this video keep in mind how you can adapt this idea to a machine embroidered quilt with some additional mathematical calculations to get it to a smaller scale. Think I will have a go at making an adaptation of this down the track so keep posted.
 Obviously if you are making a machine embroidered quilt this way you cannot put all the blocks together in a haphazard way as they are in the video. I think it is a great idea.

Fons and Porter also have another free Ebook giveaway. This one is called Block Buster and has 100 quilt Blocks and can be downloaded from this link. The finished block sizes would be great to incorporate into machine embroidered quilts.

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