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Monday, 21 July 2014

Topsy turvey day

We awoke this morning to a glorious sunrise and a thick and very cold frost. I grabbed the camera and went outside to take the pics. Came back in to upload them to my computer and my monitor barely 2 years old had died. We tried a few things but it appears it is destined to join the large pile of electronic waste.

I wanted to transfer some designs to my embroidery machine so a temporary monitor was found and hooked up. I am working on another set of 10 or so charity quilts and each one has 10 embroidered blocks. I like to get them cut out and kitted up so that I can work on them at my leisure (?) without the noise of the embroidery machines doing their thing in the background

Sue has sent in a pic of her gorgeous Sassy cats quilt that she has made for her grand daughter. If her grand daughter is not over the moon about it I am sure that there are plenty of people who would gladly love it to pieces. It is wonderful to see all the great colour palettes that people use.

Lexie has completed the latest block in the Embellished Dogs BOM.
Tomorrow morning we have to wrangle the cats into their carriers to take them for their annual vaccination and checks so tonight we have to spell the word VET as all cat  owners know they are born knowing what that word means.

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