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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Rainy Day and My Hoopsisters 2014 Mystery top

We started off with a beautiful sunrise today but soon the murky grey clouds moved in and it turned to a rain sodden day. The old saying came true. I think there are many versions of it. the one that I grew up with is
Red sky at night shepherd's delight
Red sky in the morning shepherd's warning.

I have finished stitching and sewing together my Hoopsister's 2014 Mystery quilt. It is titled a Modern Baltimore but as you can see I did not use the suggested colours or indeed Baltimore  colours but rather  the red/ black and white that I love. I also had to change the layout of the grey from what was intended as I was 30cm of fabric too short and I was just using my stash.The last two blocks the flower pot in the centre came out this morning so what better to get through a dreary wet and rainy day than to finish the blocks.
It is not a great pic as I have taken it inside in the dark. Will try and get a better one when I have the quilt finished  with its binding in a couple of days.
Hoopsister's 2014 Mystery quilt


  1. Beautiful quilt. We always say:
    Red at night,
    Sailor's delight.
    Red in the morning,
    Sailor's take warning!

  2. Wow! I love your color choices. I'm sort of staying with their recommendations but I'm back on week 2. Thanks for sharing.