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Saturday, 12 July 2014

HIA Stackems BOM progress

It has been very cold here today and just perfect for sewing up a storm. I have spent yesterday and today getting the HIA Stackems BOM to the stage where half the quilt top is done. I told myself I would only send one block of this quilt out a month but think I may have to make more frequent updates! I wont be able to help myself.

I have sent out Block 2 instructions to all of those who are particpating in this BOM

and the first half of the quilt top I have designed and stitched can be seen below

HIA Stackems BOM

I am also working on the free BOM put out by Project House 360  along with some other members of our embroidery group and I have done the two blocks for this month. I am a little behind everyone else. Many have also done the pieced blocks that go between the blocks so that is a job I will have to catch up on.

Project House 360 BOM

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  1. HI Vicky. May i please please join HIA stackems BOM?