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Friday, 25 January 2013

Weekly Roundup

Feel a bit under the weather. Seem to have picked up a bit of a head cold. I am working on cushion number 3 in my series of black/white and pink cushions for my daughter. Cushion 3 is a little more simple in design and hopefully I will get that finished today. It is a version of one of the blocks from my Blueberry Crumb cake quilt. I still have to write the tutorial for Cushion 2  and send that out to those participating in my Projects Group for 2013.
Blueberry Crumb cake block
The latest edition of Flair magazine is now out and there is a great free download. If you go to their website you will find the links for that the template and designs for a beautiful embroidered owl pillow (Shown in the screen shot below) are on the right hand side of their home page.
Flair magazine
Block 8 and Block 9 have been sent out in my Blackwork Birds BOM.
Blackwork Birds Block 8
Blackwork Birds Block 9
 Block 12 has been sent out in the Crazy Quilt BOM.



  1. Love the blackwork birds. Is it available for purchase?

  2. Hi Normajean, the Blackwork Birds machine embroidery designs are available from BFC Creations.I am doing a BOM quilt with the designs.

  3. The Crazy Quilt BOM is lovely! Great job!