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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Weekly Round Up

The end of the week has been one of heartache and destruction for many families in the southern end of our small state. Devastating bushfires have ravaged small towns destroying many homes and property. The temps on Friday reached upwards of 41degrees C (105F) and coupled with strong winds it was a recipe for destruction. My sister and her family had to evacuate to the beach on Friday evening but thankfully her home was untouched.

Yesterday was a very warm day again and my husband and I attended another wedding of two of my teaching colleagues. The ceremony was in a beautiful garden setting close to the sea but it was very hot. You may remember that we attended an engagement surprise wedding back on the Saturday before Christmas. One of the bridal party posted a video on You tube of their bridal dance.

I have been busy finishing of my Easy Street quilt and have the quilting done, not an easy feat in this heat but I have persevered and I am to the binding. I hope to post a pic of the finished quilt tomorrow.

Hop on over to Craftsy and sign up for their free 2013 BOM featuring Laura Nownes.


  1. I am so happy that your sister and family are safe and still have their home. The pictures are beautiful, yet devastating. Every once in a while we have terrible fires here in Southern California, USA. I have already watched the first Craftsy BOM. Will be doing the blocks for the techniques. Not too sure about the layout. I have all the lessons from last year and I am thinking of using the same fabric and combining my favorite blocks from both years into my own layout. I have a large tower of fat quarters that I am pretty sure will do the job. If not I have more with the same feeling (Moda). Hope the fires are gone or almost gone. Excited about HenHouse (sp).

  2. Hi Judy
    There are still many fires that are not controlled. We can only hope and pray that there is not anymore significant loss.