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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tube Pillowcase-Variation

I have been wanting to make some pillowcases to match the quilts that I am taking to my daughter in February. Although I love the tailored look of the tube-sausage type pillowcase that are popular among quilting people, I also like to have the envelope flap inside the pillow to hide the pillow. I have been working on a prototype and have the first one done. The first one does not have the contrast fabric on the back but I have now planned how to make ones that does, as well as having the envelope finish inside. I am trying to have minimal seams as in the  original sausage-tube type pillowcase.

I will send out the tutorials to those in my projects group when I get them done. 
Tube type pillowcase with envelope end

Front of pillowcase

End of Pillowcase with Envelope

Back of pillowcase is plain without constrast trim



  1. Absolutely LOVE this variation!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I also love this variation. Great idea for kids also.

  3. Hopefully will have the tutorial for this up on my blog Thursday morning Australian Time