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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tea Towel Apron - Great for Valentine's Day

I have spent last night and this morning designing and constructing the latest project in our 2013 Project Series. This apron is based on the tea towel apron tutorial by  Missouri Star Quilt Co. with some modifications.
Valentine Tea Towel Apron

Pocket on Apron
Once again I am using one of the design from the Martha Pullen IEC which if you may recall is the basis for the majority of my projects for the year. I understand that we do not all have disposable cash to spend on a new set of designs every week so the one off spend of $49 is trying to be my limit for projects. Of course quilt  BOM's are a different matter. I am currently writing the tutorial and it will be emailed to those who have joined the Projects group later on today. If you wish to join this group please email me.
We are currently watching some harrowing footage on TV of the devastating floods that have once again hit Queensland. what a land of diversity. Down in  Victoria there are bushfires and up  north we have serious flooding once more reminiscent of  January 2011.

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  1. Oh, it is terrible ...first the heatwave, now the floods...Our thoughts and Prayers are with your people.
    Thank you for the projects and tutorials!
    Take care,