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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tube Pillowcase Envelope End Tutorial Done

I have completed the tutorial for the envelope end tube style pillowcase that is so popular to make by home sewers and quilters.  My reason for doing this is that I love the idea of the tube pillowcase but I also like pillowcases where you can tuck the pillow into the envelope end and that keeps its secure as well as looking more aesthetically pleasing on the bed.There are two versions.
Version 1 has a contrast cuff and a plain back to it with an envelope end .
Tube Pillowcase with Envelope End Version 1

Tube Pillowcase with Envelope End Version 1
Version 2 has a contrast cuff on both  the front and back as well as having the envelope end.
Tube Pillowcase with Envelope End Version 2
Envelope End of Pillowcases
I have sent out the tutorial to those on my Projects list. You can also download it from HERE
I was also very excited to see the latest designs from Embroidery Library. They are redwork designs and are Blooming Art Nouveau Redwork 2 and a set  of Australian designs. You may remember that I made a quilt out of the Blooming Art Nouveau Redwork 1 set. You can find my tutorial for that quilt here. I am going to buy both sets of designs and I am thinking that perhaps a quilt in blue embroidery may look very effective.


  1. Great tutorial and photos. I'm a visual learner and the photos really helped. Thank you.

  2. Thank you from me too. Very good instructions and photos which will be immensely helpful when I go to make a pillowcase.

  3. What a great tutorial.
    The fabric combinations look fabulous together.

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