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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Crossed Shoulder Strap Apron-Tutorial Uploaded

Crossed Shoulder Strap Apron Front 1

Crossed Shoulder Strap Apron Front 2

Crossed Shoulder Strap Apron Back

Crossed Shoulder Strap Apron Back 2

I have just finished designing and making this new apron. I can vaguely remember my Nan having a similar one when I was young.The main features of this apron are over the shoulder straps that crossover at the back and are attached to the waistband and the wider straps at the shoulder. Due to this feature the apron wraps around to the back a little more than a normal waist apron. The straps are widened at the shoulder to provide extra comfort particularly for those who do not like wearing aprons with a neck strap.
I know that people cannot afford to always machine embroidery designs and so I have once again used the latest free design from BFC Creations Paisley Parade set. You can find this design from here if you collect it in the next week or so. Many thanks to BFC Creations for so generously giving away these very versatile free designs.
The tutorial can be found here and the pattern for the shoulder straps can be found here

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  1. Love your apron pattern. Generates fond memories of the many aprons Mother made for her kitchen "wardrobe". She was an avid cook and always wore an apron. Found your blog through BFC. Have spent last hour looking at your creative projects. Thank you so much for your generosity! Will be using your rolled-up grocery bag pattern to make this year's Christmas gifts.