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Saturday, 8 October 2011

10 Minute Table Runner Meets Tube Quilting -Variation-Tutorial uploaded

10 minute table runner meets tube quilting variation 1

Centre of block

I have made a variation on the new table runner pattern I uploaded yesterday, this time using different sized strips. These table runners make take a little longer than 10 minutes but once you have selected your fabrics I think that 30 -40 minutes is a realistic timeframe.
I have written a modified tutorial for this new layout but you will also need to download the one from yesterday.  The new tutorial can be found here. 

I cannot locate LaRae’s original tutorial but some of her colleagues have a variation where the top section is folded in reverse.


  1. Wow! This is great. Thanks, Vicki. I have some Daniella blocks to use for this.

  2. Vicki, for me none of your links to email you are working and I want to write to you. Could you please put your email address on the home page of your Blog for those of us who don't use email client. Many thanks,