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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The sewing and embroidery machines are working overtime

Bridie's Blossoms packs underway

I was working on our BOM when I had an email from the major regional hospital requesting 19 Bridie's Blossoms packs and only 1 of them is the smaller 0-16 gestational age pack. At the time of writing this blog post  at around 2.00 pm Wednesday lunchtime I have finished all 19 flannelette backed quilt/blankets and their accompanying keepsake smaller quilts and have put them in their correctly named packets ready for me to start making the rest of the items to go in them.

I think that there will not be a BOM update for around two weeks but I am sure you all have projects to go on with.

We had a gorgeous sunrise on Monday morning in terms of colours and true enough there was rough weather ahead throughout the day on Monday and again Monday night. I hope that I have clear skies tonight to see the eclipse.

We had a delightful night on Saturday night at the Lillico penguins and we were lucky enough that a penguin decided to show itself before dark. I met a lovely young gentleman named Luke from Sydney who has been in Devonport working for a couple of weeks.He took these two photos below and sent them to me so that I could share them with you.
Little Penguin at Lillico 1

Little Penguin at Lillico 2

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