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Sunday, 19 October 2014

My week of sewing

You may remember that a fortnight ago the major hospital for the north of our state requested 19 Bridie's Blossoms packages to replace ones the had used and to have on hand should the unthinkable happen for a family and they are needed for their angel baby.
I have now completed those packages and will deliver them on Tuesday. I have made another design of dress, a little different fort he raglan sleeved bishop style dress I have been making and also added a new keepsake item to the packages.
The angel baby hanger is made in the hoop. I used the generous free download of the ITH Heart Sachet from Kreative Kiwi  .  I changed the text inside the heart and hooped the satin and thin batting to do the stitching. I then added the hanging ribbon before adding the back and finishing the stitching.
I was making a little stockpile of these this morning and all was going very well until I remembered that I had not added the hanging ribbon before I added the backing so a little bit of unpicking has been happening while I try to put the ribbon back through.
Angel Baby Hangers
the packages ready to be packed and boxed up are in the photos following

Bridie's Blossoms Packs 0-25 weeks for little girl angel babies

Bridie's Blossoms Packs 26-35 weeks for little girl angel babies

Bridie's Blossoms Packs 0-25 weeks for little boy angel babies

Bridie's Blossoms Packs 26-35 weeks for little boy angel babies
On Saturday, Anna, her mother in law Paulette and I attended the White Butterfly Memorial service for Infant and Pregnancy Loss. We had our Bridie's Blossoms packages on display and gave out our signature keepsake hankies to those people who wished to take one. We had some very positive feedback with many commenting on how they liked the new Angel Baby keepsake hangers especially to hang on the tree with Christmas approaching. The service was very well presented and the balloon release was particularly poignant and moving as the white balloons quickly moved up into the low lying clouds

Brisie's Blossoms at the White Butterfly Memorial Service

Saturday night last week we had this glorious sunset at Lillico Beach

This week I hope it will be back to doing our BOM's.

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  1. You are doing a beautiful thing here in giving parents a way to preserve their memories of their little one! Thank you for doing this.