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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Pole Twist Table Runner and 12 Hours of the Moon

Pat has sent me a pic of her finished Pole Twist Table runner. This is the pattern that I released on Sunday for free download. You can find my original version and download link on this page
Pat's Pole Twist Table Runner

Last night was just perfect for viewing the moon and the lunar eclipse. I managed to take some pics throughout the night finishing up with one of the moon when I got up around 5.00 am this morning. Most of them I took through the window of the sewing room as I did not relish the thought of rounding up an escapee fur baby in the dark.

Moon just before the eclipse 1

Moon just before the eclipse 2

Moon just before the eclipse 3

Shadow just starting to move across the moon
If you look careful you can se the red tinges starting to appear at the bottom of the moon rather like threads of saffron

Moon is nearly fully red in colour and became much harder to photograph

Moon at 5.00 am this morning

A little after 5.00 am with  a white ring around the moon. The white ring is produced by ice crystals associated with high level cloud and is also said by folklore to be sign of bad weather approaching. 

This could be the reason for the very colourful sunrise again this morning.

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  1. Thank you so much for re-offering the pattern for this table runner. It is really stunning!