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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Project Roundup

Part 5 of Celtic Solstice, the  Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt is well on the way to being completed, all 244 of the Birds in the Air Blocks I think they are called. We must be getting close to reveal.
Celtic Solstice Week 5
To date there have been 5512 pieces cut and sewn for the large quilt size.

Once again I had a trusty quality control officer overseeing things from the highest vantage point in the room.

You can see what others are doing in this mystery by going to Bonnie's Link up page.

I have also completed Block 9 in the BFC Creations Sassy Cats BOM but have not written the instructions yet. Hopefully will get to those in the next day or so and will then send them out.

Sassy Cats BOM Block 9
With Block 9 being completed I was able to stitch it into the row it was in and subsequently to the top section of the quilt.
Sassy Cats Block 1-9

I have also completed Block 5 in the BFC Creations Graceful BOM but have not written the instructions for this block either. Hopefully will  also get to those in the next day or so and will then send them out. This block uses the free design that is on the website at the previous link. 
I have been having a lovely time using half square triangles to make blocks for both  BOM's.
Graceful BOM Block 5


  1. Your mystery colors are really unique, I can't wait to see how it comes out with these colors! Nice to have a quality control kitty overseeing your work too!

  2. Still loving your CS palette. And thanks for posting progress on the Sassy Cats quilt - too cute!

  3. Love your colors, and I think we must be coming to the end too...good for you doing the King Size!