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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Amazing story and today's date - A calendrical sequence

I have just about finished reading a book called A Long Way Home written by an Indian born Tasmanian young  man called Saroo Brierley.

I first saw Saroo's story featured in a  Sixty Minutes Story on TV in June of this year. It is a truly remarkable life story on all counts.
Saroo also has a Facebook page and there are many more stories on that for you to look at.
As it is the 11/12 /2013 already here in Australia it is a special date when you look at the numbers in sequence 11/12/13.  This is called a calendrical sequence.
Today is the last time this century the date lines up in consecutive order. Of course this type of calendar sequence only occurs 11 times a century.
The next sequence will not be until 1 February 2103 for the dates to line up again when the date will be 1/2/03

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