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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Good news today

I have had lots of good news today. After my Mum had a mammogram call back we had two day of exhausting tests and travel at the beginning of this week. Today my Mum got the all clear from her tests so that was great news to receive. Can I say that the Breast Screen service here in Tasmania along with their staff are just so supportive and caring.
And it looks as though  the little penguins rescued from the tallow in the truck rollover may have been found by their parents and gone back into their care. The concrete igloo like structures are artificial burrows that are provided for them.

I have finally got this pic from my husband's iPad of the canvas print I had made for my daughter's spare room. If you remember correctly it was an image I exported from Embird and then uploaded to a  firm to have printed. The  giraffe design is one of the embroidery designs in the Giraffe BOM quilt of mine on the bed. The designs re by BFC Creations. I would have taken a pic of the whole room but I was not there to give instructions!



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