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Friday, 26 April 2013

Tips and Hints 4- Cleaning Your Machine with Micro Applicators/Brushes

I am sure that you all know how to clean your sewing machines but we do not always have the most user friendly tools to do it with. I have been using these little bendable brushes called Micro Applicator/ Micro Brushes for a while now ( think I got a few from my dentist a few years ago) and thought I would share them with you. I remember seeing them at the dentist and thinking what a great little tool they would be to get into all of those little nooks and crannies that normal brushes, cotton buds etc just do not reach. If they get into your teeth they must be fine to get into our machines I thought.

Micro brush
 Was I surprised to see them in an Eleanor Burns webinar very recently. So what is special about these little brushes? They are bendable and that little tip on the end collects dust and loose threads like you would not believe and there is no fear of it coming off and lodging in parts of the machine.

Eleanor has them for sale in her Quilt in Day shop but I buy mine in lots of 100 from an Ebay seller who sells dental lab supplies. You can buy them for applying false eyelashes as well I think.


  1. Great Tip! I'll have to try these out.

  2. Wow, these look like they would be great--I need some! Thanks!

  3. I bought an aerosol can of air for cleaning, particularly my overlocker, which fills up with fluff. It has a long thin tube you can stick into all sorts of places and blow the gunk out. I got it from my local sewing shop.