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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Aristocat Quilt Top Finished and Other Exciting Things

I have been  a bit quiet on the blog is front over the last few days. This due to a couple of things.
Last Saturday I bought myself a new Janome 12000, didn't really have to have it but got a great price and you know how it goes. So  I then decided to stitch out the rest of the Aristocat quilt blocks on it. For all of you following along you will see that you have been tricked as  Row 1 and 2 are actually Row 3 and 4 of the quilt. I tried to take a photo of the quilt top outside this morning but the colours are not very good. You can actually see the colours better on the top before I added the borders which are black and white spot. I am now in the process of quilting it so hope to have a better photo up on the blog over the weekend.  Lessons for Block 7-12 will be sent out to those participating in the next few weeks as I get them written.
Aristocat quilt top

Aristocat quilt top with borders added
On Tuesday I had a lovely visit from Bernadette and Bruce from Brisbane. Bernadette is a follower of my blog and her and Bruce have been holidaying in Tasmania for the last 5 weeks and were on their way back home.
Bernadette's Owl Quilt

Bernadette left this lovely quilt with some people she met to be passed on to some of the bushfire victims. I am sure that the lucky recipient will be absolutely thrilled to receive it.


  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your new 12000. You will love it, I think. I sure do mine. How did you like sewing out the quilt blocks on it? Will you be doing the quilting on it too?

    Have to admit that I just purchased the new 9900 as a second machine but haven't done any embroidery on it yet. It is much like the 12000 and also 9mm feet. Hope to get them both embroidering soon.
    Bev, Alberta, Canada

  2. Congratulations on you new machine. Glad Bernadette caught up with you, her quilt looks great.

  3. I am very pleased with the new machine it certainly complements my Horizon 7700. I am
    sure that I will be quilting on it as well.

  4. Love the Aristocats quilt - absolutely gorgeous.
    I too have not long purchased the Janome 12000 and have only done a few things on it as family matters have been more important so far this year. However, what I have done is looking good and have enjoyed it so far. Enjoy your machine - it is a beauty!