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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hints and Tips 3 - Accurately Marking with Templates

One of the aspects of machine embroidery that a lot of people find difficult is to accurately transfer the marking for centre of their design to their fabric from templates especially if they multi hooping. We can all transfer the centre marks on our  the outer points of out templates to our fabric to be embroidered but it is that very centre point  where we want the needle to drop when we place the hoop on the machine that is crucial to success.  If we have that we can use the jog stitches on our machines to accurately ensure we drop the needle  in the centre of the design before pushing the button to start embroidering.
You can use an awl specifically for sewing or there are tools in the hardware shop you can use, in fact a sharp knitting needle or shish kebab stick will do the job. Whatever you choose it must make hole large enough for a marking pen to go through
Cut around the template if you ned to line it up accurately against another design etc. Using the awl put a hole in the very centre of the template you have printed out as well as each one the four points of the compass.
Using your wash away or fade away fabric marker mark all five points through the holes
Connect up the points if you wish to. Now you have a perfect placement hole to line up your needle with.


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