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Friday, 29 January 2016

I am still here but what weather we are having!

The last week in Tasmania has seen every season that there is. Up to now we have been in drought and as of last weekend there were around 70 fires burning in the state. Most of those started as a result of lightning strikes the previous week.

This week more thunder and lightning but not enough in the areas that need the rain to dampen the fires and we are only a relatively small state. Within a distance of 200km we now have flooding as well as the bushfires. It is hard to settle to do anything when we have gale force winds and torrential rain that drops a few inches in an hour or so each time we have another storm.

We lost our modem as the lightning took out the phone lines in the area. We had sparks inside when it hit.

We have a pop upstream in our backyard where the storm water system cant take all the rainwater

We have had some very colourful sunset due to the smoke haze as well as a blood red full moon as a result of the smoke in front of it.
Red full moon

Sunset in smoke haze

Sunset in smoke haze
I am asking for expression of interest for another BOM using the Magnolias in my Garden set of designs from Hatched in Africa. If you are interested and have not received  an email then please contact me. This is one of the possible block combinations that I have come up with.

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