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Thursday, 7 January 2016

BFC Anniversary quilt done and dusted

The BFC 12th anniversary quilt is all done. I just need to wrap it up to gift it to its new owner when I see them. The remainder of the instructons Blocks 10 -18 will be sent out over the next week or so. Block 10 will go out tonight or Friday morning my time.
BFC 12th Anniversary BOM

I have had a great deal of interest in the proposed new BOM using the new Jacobean Roses designs from Hatched in Africa so that is definitely going ahead. I will not send out the requirements list and block instructions for a week or so so that I can get everyone into the email database.

I was cleaning up my emails today and found this photo that Karen had sent me before Christmas. She put this little quilt together early on using the anniversary set. I must apologize to Karen as I forgot all about her picture as I was so busy with my  Bridie's Blossoms sewing around Christmas that I forgot to post her pic

This is what she wrote
"When I started stitching out these beautiful designs, the whole quilt design formulated in my head.  So I just had to continue.  This quilt has been inspired by you and everything I have learnt from your previous BOM's and for that I sincerely thank you.

I realise that it is not what you are doing with this BOM but as I have said in the past I really only need small quilts as they are all donated to Nursing Homes or the Townsville Hospital."


  1. ...a lovely quilt...
    ...nice colours...


  2. It's beautiful! Hopefully I'll quilt as well as that one day.