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Friday, 26 February 2016

Wow has it been that long

Time just gets away. Since I started posting to Facebook I have been sitting less and less doing blog posts. If you haven't already  looked at the Facebook  page please do and add it your favourites if you are not on  Facebook.

I have not been resting on my laurels with plenty of activity happening here but think I might have to take a break as I have had three migraine episodes in three days. Only lose my vision for a short while but that is bad enough.

We are up to Block 7 in the HIA Jacobean Roses BOM and lessons have been sent out for those.
Jacobean Roses BOM Blocks 1-3

Instructions for Block 2 have also been sent out in the Magnolias in My Garden BOM. That BOM will be going at a much more sedate pace.
Magnolias in My Garden Blocks 1 and 2
I have been working on some quilts for the local women's shelter and have a few tops done. I have pics of some of them below.

The black/white/red quilt is made up from the orphan blocks belonging to the Project House 360 BOM that just stopped dead in its tracks back in 2014.
 This little boys quilt is embroidered with the Redwork Chubby Cars from Hatched in Africa
 The pieces for the quilt below were gifted from a friend . They belong to the Quiltville's Mystery Grand Illusions quilt. I made this smaller top and plan on doing two more interspersed with embroidered blocks etc.
 This little owl themed quilt top is embroidered with the C_Some Stitches  Night Owls set. I split off parts of the design and embroidered them a different colour. I purchased the design set during one of their dollar promotions last year at Secrets of Embroidery.
We had a lovely double rainbow a couple of afternoons ago. We had some lovely ran and the main fires in the state are not burning as they were but because of the rainforest etc are bring underground.
We have had some glorious sunsets at the penguin viewing platform as the last of the baby penguns are nearly ready to leave for the ocean.

Sunset over Lillico February 20 2016

The sunrises with the smoke haze have also been very rich in colour

We have also been having many bird visitors to our fountain. This juvenile butcher bird is just one of them


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