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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Weekly review

This week we have had warm weather and we have had cool weather. Just the thing for curling up on top of the couch.

It has been a busy one as I try and finish off a few projects as well as do some work on the BOM's etc.
I have completed Clue 3 for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery (Grand Illusion) and have compared my Clue 3 with my two Tuesday afternoon stitching friends who are also doing the mystery. You can check out what other people are doing by visiting the Linkup page

This afternoon I delivered 6 more recently competed quilts to the local women's shelter. This is the last of my charity sewing for this year. 55 quilts have gone to shelters in the North and North West during the last 6 months. I have also made up the items for and delivered 162 Bridie's Blossoms packs to the hospitals in Tasmania for angel babies
Charity quilts for local shelter

Bridie's blossoms packages

Blocks 3 and 4 in the BFC 11th Anniversary BOM have just been emailed out to those who have signed up to do this BOM.

Megan has sent in pics of her BFC Anniversary Blocks 1 and 2. She is just using one colour for her embroidery and it works well with her fabrics. If you are wanting to make an ultra modern quilt with a minimal amount of colours this could be a way to go.

Megan has also completed the Pole Twist Table runner.
You can find the free pattern for this from the link on this page

Bullard Designs are generously giving away a free mini set of designs that includes the present and star designs below.

If you want to spend a bit of time surfing the net here is a link to Japanese quilt shop (Otsukaya) webpage that has many free project patterns. If your web browser supports it make sure you translate. For most of them you can right click on the web page and choose translate if they have that feature.

I know that many of you like to know how the penguins are going. Here is a pic of one from last Saturday. It is very hard to take a good photo as they do not come out of their burrows or up from the sea until it is very close to dark and we are not able to use flash photography so as to not frighten them especially if they are feeding young.


  1. Lots of lovely things! It's nice to have some friends to sew the mystery with.

  2. Your clues are looking good ladies!

  3. Hello Vicki, A net friend of mine, Debra Robinson, from About.com/quilting is doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt challenge and happened to mention that she saw your link and that you were in Devonport. TAS I am in Launceston but didnt do the challenge this year. I happened here and saw the angel baby packs. I was stunned. On the 9th October, my little grandson, Maliki, was delivered alive, but prematurely at 22 weeks at the Launceston Hospital. He lived for about 20 minutes. The wonderful wonderful staff dressed him up in the angel baby pack that was given to his young parents. Everything was so beautiful and fit just perfectly. He was cremated, after a lovely service, in those clothes and wrap with the little teddy held in two hands under his chin. That is the photo his parents have of him. We were all so amazed and so grateful and felt so blessed that someone out there knew what we were all going through and provided the tiny clothes that we couldnt have possible provided at such short notice. You are our angel. Thank you, Shirley

  4. Shirley my heart is warmed knowing that we could provide some comfort to your family at such a heartbreaking time.

    1. Thank you again Vicki. It is a small world, sometimes. My friend Debra is in the USA and didn't know I was hoping to find you; she was just excited to find someone on the list who was in the same part of the world as me. Those pack combinations are lovely. We can't describe how it touched our hearts when the parents were given the pack. People out there thinking of others with acts of kindness.

    2. Shirley did you get the email I sent to you at your Hotmail account?