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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Project progress and some freebies

Wendy has done Block 2 in her colourway for the BFC Anniversary BOM I am running.

Elizabeth has done Block 1 in purple sage green and gold tonings.

I have started the costumes for a musical show that I am doing the costume design and construction for that will be on stage in May next year. It features 1950's music by Elvis and so the costumes need to be true to the period. This is going to be my first skirt.

KennyKreations are up to HollyBird 7 with their free give away from their Yahoo group. I have copied and pasted the latest design  and rotated them to see how you could use it as a table centre idea  or even around a Christmas tree skirt. In fact you could make a wedge shaped skirt and put one of the birds on each one. It would look very elegant in gold on a white background or gold on a red background

KO designs have two new great test freebie designs. Make sure you click on each design once you have signed in to collect each freebie.

Basketkase Designs have this lovely design which would be great for a card. You do not have to sign in to get the design just click on the image of the design and then in the bottom left hand corner you will see the prompt to download it. I have changed the colour of the stars to see what they would look like in metallic silver.

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  1. Hello Vicki,

    Just want to say thanks so much for the links for freebies and stitching sites to discover throughout the past year.

    Happy days.