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Sunday, 7 December 2014

The weekly roundup

Friday night Australian time saw the release of Clue 2 in the Bonnie Hunter 2014 Mystery quilt called Grand Illusion. I finished all the required blocks yesterday morning. I am so pleased that I can use black and white as my neutrals as you all know that colour element is part of just about every quilt I do.
Bonnie has a link page that you can go to each week to see posts from others who are participating in the mystery 
Grand Illusion 2
Today I have sent out Block 9 in the Forest Owls BOM
Forest Owls BOM Block 9
and also Block 2 in the BFC Anniversary BOM
BFC Anniversary BOM Block 2
Saturday night we went on our usual outing of being volunteer park guides at the Lillico penguins. We met a lovely couple on holiday from Pennsylvania in the US. This was their second trip to Tasmania.
There were some gorgeous penguins being very cooperative and showing themselves well before dark.This little fellow just peaking out is a baby that now has all of its adult feathers so is now waterproof and able to go out to sea to fish for itself.

This little baby came out of his burrow and as you can see still has a lot of down. When they grow feathers they do so from the tail upwards.

This penguin below was very busy scurrying in and out of his burrow collecting twigs and bits of grass to build his nest. You can just see the twigs in his mouth. He was very fast and it was diffiult to get a good photo of him.

There was also a full moon on Saturday night and I managed to take some shots of the moon shining on the water near Don Heads

Full Moon over Don Heads at Lillico

For those still working on  items for Christmas, Lyn Kenny from Kenny Kreations is generously giving away some Redwork Holly Bird designs, currently there are four. However, they are only available through her Yahoo group so you will need to join that to pick up those lovely design.
I thought that some of them would look lovely down the middle of a table runner. I would like to design one for you but do not have the time at the moment


  1. The black and white neutrals really make your blocks sparkle.

    Your photos of the moon and water are gorgeous.

  2. Loved reading your blog, the penguins are so interesting. Your colors for the Grand Illusion are just lovely. Love the blocks you are making for BOM etc., Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work.

  3. I love your fabrics for the mystery! They are so pretty. Can't wait to see how it finishes.

  4. Looking after penguins is an interesting way to spend your Saturday nights!

    You have a great collection of black and white fabrics in your GI blocks. Looking good!

  5. Your mystery is looking great!

  6. Oh, the penguin is just precious!.... Pretty, pretty units..
    I have a friend that lives in Tasmania....small world.
    Debra in Ma.