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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Projects and a small freebie update

Myself and three other ladies meet at my house on Tuesday afternoons from 1.30 until around 5.00 to work on our embroidered quilts. Wendy, Elizabeth and myself are also doing the Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter that I discussed in my previous post. I am going to take pics of our finished units/sections each week and share them with you. Wendy and  Elizabeth have both swapped the original yellow for purple. 
Grand Illusion Week 1

Wendy has also made her first BFC 11th Anniversary BOM block. I also have this fabric and it will be interesting to see how this quilt unfolds in the blue tonings.
Wendy's BFC Creations 11th Anniversary BOM Block 1
Remember to email me if you wish to participate in this free BOM using the free give away design by BFC Creations for their 11th anniversary celebrations. 

San Francisco Stitch Co are currently running their Christmas Mystery so be sure to pick up the clues each week from here

Ageless Embroidery currently have their  Christmas font in progress

Julia's Needle are offering a free Pirate Font. It is always hard to find appropriate designs for little boys.

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  1. I like the colors you have chosen for the Mystery quilt. I will decide if I am going to do it when it is no longer a mystery LOL. I am not good at picking colors so I will wait until I have seen other quilts done like yours.