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Friday, 27 June 2014

Things to share

Wednesday my Mum had a girl's day out and on the way I delivered 8 more Bridie's Blessings quilts to the local women's shelter. I was able to complete this many as I was given some orphan blocks and ufo quilt tops. There is still that many more to quilt and finish off.
Bridie's  Blessings Quilt Donation 2
At lunch time today my husband and I drove a relative to the nearby airport. On the way out we saw these swans and other water birds having a lovely time feeding in this beautiful vibrant green field with the black cows and their calves. You can just see the lovely little calves with the cows if you look closely.

Make sure you click on the pictures to give you a larger view.
Swans in field

Elizabeth has also completed the top half of her Embellished Dogs quilt.

Elizabeth's Embellished Dogs quilt in progress

Hopefully this week  it will be back to more regular blog posts and BOM instalments 

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